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Laboratory Department

Equipments in laboratory department

Olympus ultra-high microscope, Automatic biochemical analyzer, ATB microbial Expression, Automatic blood culture instrument, Biosafety cabinet, Automatic blood coagulation analyzer, Automatic module biochemical immune-analysis system, AX-4030 type analyzer, Automatic urine particles analyzer, etc.


At present, the common examinations include routine urine test, routine blood test, ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate), glycated hemoglobin, troponin, blood coagulation, electrolytes, liver function, kidney function, insulin, C-peptide, serum glucose determination, blood lipid, immune indicators, creatinine clearance rate, potassium, sodium and chloride in urine, 24-h urinary protein quantitative, etc.

Besides these common and conventional examinations, laboratory department has also many characteristic tests and examinations---renal fibrosis, antinuclear antibodies, circulating immune complex detection, renal anemia, autoantibody detection, blood concentration detection, hematuria positioning monitoring, lymphocyte subsets detection, etc.

Accurate and thorough diagnosis is very crucial for proving guidance for accurate and effective medications and treatments.


Laboratory departement will immediately send the test reports to corresponding clinical departments once they are available.

They will explain all the details that patients need to know before, during and after the examinations.

They will explain to patients the meaning of each index in the examinations.