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It depends on your location. You have the following options:
* You can book ticket to Beijing Capital International Airport.
* Or you can fly to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and then transfer to Shijiazhuang International Airport.
After you get Beijing Capital International Airport, we can pick you up there by car. Or you can take taxi or bus to Beijing West Railway Station and take train to our hospital.

We provide interpretation service. Whatever you do or wherever you want to go, your own interrupter will accompany with you.

The city's climate has four distinct seasons: arid windy spring, hot humid summer, sunny fresh autumn, and the cold dry winter. The average temperature in January can fall to around 1 °C (33°F), while the average temperature in July is about 30°C (87 °F). In the extreme, low temperatures in winter can fall to -15 °C (5 °F) while the highest temperature in summer can rise to 40 °C (107 °F)
Every ward is equipped with an air conditioner, and you can adjust the room temperature according to your preference. Every year, between November 15th - March 15th, there is central heating. During the winter, the room temperature is usually maintained at about 20 °C (68 °F).

Treatment usually requires 1 month. After you are discharged from hospital, consolidation treatment is needed at home.

Our staff understands the cultural and language needs of international patients and offers a variety of services to meet those diverse needs. Via email and phone, we can help you arrange everything before you come and during your stay.

* Pre-arrival preparations- Before you arrive, we will discuss with you which personal items and medical records you will need to bring and any necessary pre-arrival financial arrangements. We would be happy to assist you with any other concerns you might have regarding transportation, food, the weather, or any other special needs.

*Assistance at the airport- The patient service staff will meet you at the airport when you arrive in China and bring you to our hospital. Upon your arrival, we will help you complete the admission process, fill out the registration forms, and help you adjust to your new surroundings. When you depart China to return home, our patient service staff will escort you to the airport and assist you with customs check-in.

* Language Services- We know that getting around China can be tough without an ability to speak Chinese. However, our patient service staff can provide language assistance in English.

* Visa Extension-Occasionally, a patient's treatment cycle will take longer than the time given on the patient's travel visa. In these cases, our patient service staff can help you to extend your stay.

What patient amenities and services are available?

Washing machine and dryer are free for our patients. FYI, the dryer cleaner outside the hospital charges varying from 15 to 50 RMB, if you want to do the laundry outside.

Our hospital has its own canteen and there are foods tailored to the diet the their physician prescribes. If you do not accustomed to Chinese foods, you can cook meals by yourself. Kitchenette is available in your ward.

There is a small convenience store in hospital where some daily necessities are available there. Also, a supermarket lies nearby the our hospital.

Warm and comfortable home-form wards are available in our hospital, usually two caregivers are allowed to live in your ward. What's more, there are hotels nearby our hospital like Home Inns and 7 Days Inn.

Bank of China, ICBC( Industrial and Commercial Bank of China), ABC( Agricultural Bank of China), CBC( China Construction Bank), PSBC( Postal Savings Bank of China), just list a few here.

But as for the patients, there are some restrictions. Doctor and registered dietitians will help the patients get enough nutrition and minimize side-effects by diet.

Every ward is provide with a cable TV and an extensive international TV channels are available. You can see TV programs of your nation.

Free wireless network is provided in every ward. You can bring your laptop with you since computer is not provided in our hospital.

Some people need to continue dialysis treatment in hospital. There is a high-standard dialysis center in our hospital equipped with a range of dialysis machines.

Yes, the Water Garden is an outdoor spaced created as a place for patients, families and associates to find peace and tranquility. You can walk there just in 5 minutes.