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How Long Can I Live With IgA Nephropathy


How Long Can I Live With IgA NephropathyThe question about How long can I live with IgA Nephropathy is many IgA Nephropathy patients concern. Because IgA Nephropathy is one of the most important causes of uremia. In fact, there is nobody can calculate the exact life expectancy of IgA nephropathy patients, because it varies from patients to patients.

IgA nephropathy, belonging to immune diseases, is one of glomerulonephritis. In general, as long as getting proper treatment, it has a little influence on life span in the early stage. However, in theory, every kidney disease has the possibility to develop into kidney failure, what is worse, uremia. If unfortunately, you are suffering from IgA Nephropathy. Don’t worry, there is a effective therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which is developed by Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital.

This therapy differs from the Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment, because it is an external therapy. It can effect the kidneys directly, which avoids the loss of effective ingredients and organ stimulation of harm to the body compared to oral medicine. Above all, it can repair damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function naturally through expanding blood, anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulation and degrading the fibrosis, etc. Micro-Chinese Medicine Therapy is a good choice for you, because it not only have a better curative effect than dialysis and transplant, but also can let you live longer. Through clinical practice it is proved to be the most popular treatment. In a word, Micro-Chinese Medicine Therapy can help you live with IgA Nephropathy longer.

Except Micro-Chinese Medicine Therapy, our hospital treat IgA Nephropathy also have other treatments, such as immunotherapy, blood purification therapy, medicated bath and food therapy. Whatever treatment you are interested in, you can send email to, or leave your doubts below, we are very glad to help you.

In conclusion, it is difficult to say how long can you live with IgA Nephropathy. However serious your illness condition is, the important thing for you is to keep an positive attitude to face life and disease.

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