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Renal Failure

What is renal failure?

What are the symptoms of renal failure?

What are the causes of renal failure?

How is renal failure diagnosed?

How to prevent renal failure?

What is renal failure?

Renal failure is disorder, in which the kidneys are not functioning well to remove wastes and fluids from body. The two main forms are acute renal failure which often can be reversed, and chronic renal failure, which is often not reversible.

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What are the symptoms of renal failure?

Symptoms of renal failure can vary from person to person. In early stage, the condition can develop asymptomatically. With the progression of renal failure, it will cause the following symptoms:

* Foamy or bubbly urine

* Swelling in the hands, feet, abdomen, or face

* Changes in urine such as nocturnal urination or more frequent urination

* High blood pressure

* Skin itching

* Bone disease

* Muscle cramps

* Back pain

* Shortness of breath

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What are the causes of renal failure?

Acute renal failure occurs when the blood supply to kidneys is suddenly interrupted or the kidneys are overloaded with toxins.

Disease and conditions that commonly cause chronic renal failure include:

* Diabetes

* Long-term uncontrolled high blood pressure

* Polycystic kidney disease( PKD), a common genetic kidney disorder

* Glomerulonephritis, an inflammation of the filtering units in kidneys

* Overuse of some drugs such as aspirin ibuprofen, etc

* Some systemic disorders such as lupus, purpura

* Recurrent kidney infection

* Vesicoureteral reflux, a condition that causes urine to back up into your kidneys.

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How is renal failure diagnosed?

■ Urine test: It is performed to look for the level of waste products in blood, such urea and creatinine.

■ Urine test: A sample of urine is tested. It can help reveal the abnormalities that point to renal failure and help identify the cause of the disease.

■Renal biopsy: it is a medial procedure in which a small piece of kidney tissues is removed from kidney for examination. It can help determine what’ s causing your kidney problems.

■Imaging tests. Your doctor may use ultrasound to assess your kidneys' structure, size and degree to which they reflect sound waves. Other imaging tests may be used in some cases.

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How to prevent renal failure?

* Keep blood sugar and blood pressure under control.

* Drink alcohol in moderation.

* Quit smoking.

* Follow instructions on OTC medications.

* Manage the medical conditions which can increase the risk of renal failure.

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