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How To Prevent Lupus Nephritis Effectively

How To Prevent Lupus Nephritis EffectivelyLupus Nephritis is an immunity disease, which means systemic lupus erythematosus with obvious kidney damage. It usually presents as malar rash, intermittent fever, painless oral ulcer, joint pain, simple hematuria, proteinuria, swealling, high blood pressure, and so on. It affects our normal life and work in a great degree. So it is important for us to prevent lupus nephritis.

There some methods that are beneficial for us to prevent lupus nephritis effectively.

1. Prevent infections. Because infections can reduce our immunity, while, lupus nephritis belongs to immunity disease. So infections can induce lupus nephritis.

2. Keep warm. Because cold can induce the disease, so it is necessary for us to keep warm, especially in winter.

3. Avoid the sunlight. It has strong sunshine during the summar, and strong ultraviolet ray are easy to cause the disease, so we had better early go out and early go home, or when we go out, we can take sun umbrella or sun helmet.

4. Pay attention to our diet. In daily life, we should keep light diet. Eating some fish and meat properly is good for us. Avoid overeating and avoid greasy.

5. Exercise. Life lies in movement. Proper exercise can build up our physical health and improve our immunity to prevent lupus nephritis effectively.

6. Do not use the medicines that can induce this disease, such as penicillin, oral contraceptive, isoniazide, butazodine and so on.

7. Keep good mood. In our daily life, mood is usually ignored by us , but it has close connection with disease. Good mood can improve our immunity and improve our work efficiency. While bad mood can cause many diseases. So it is necessary for us to control our mood and keep good mood to keep away from disease.

In conclusion, we need to pay attention to many things to prevent the lupus nephritis. But if unfortunately, you or your family is suffering from the disease, the first thing is to receive proper treatment. Now, treating this disease is not uncurable and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a good choice for you. If you have any doubts, welcome to consult us at any time.

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