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What is The Causes And Symptoms Of Nephritis

What is The Causes And Symptoms Of NephritisNephritis means that kidney inflames, which may involve the glomeruli, tubules or the surrounding tissue. If it can not get timely and proper treatment, it it more likely lead to many complications, such as reduced urine output, retention of waste products, hematuria, proteinuria and so on, what is worse, it may worsen into end-stage renal failure and even uremia. So it is very important to know the causes and symptoms of nephritis to better prevent it.

There are many factors that can cause nephritis, and some common causes of nephritis are as following.

1. Infection. Infection is one of the most important causes, especially viral and bacterial infection. They often occur in children as well as adults.

2. Immunity disorders. It can cause immune complex deposition on the kidney and cause nephritis.

3. Medicines. Some medicines has renal toxicity, such as analgesic, some antibiotics, wich can cause chronic nephritis.

4. High blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the main symptoms of nephritis, and it also is the important reason of aggravating nephritis. We can see that how important it is to control high blood pressure in a normal range.

If you are diagnosed with nephritis, you may suffer from many symptoms of nephritis. Specific symptoms of nephritis are given in the following.

1. Edema. This is one of the common symptoms, usually presents as in face, eyelid, and may be anasarca in serious condition.

2. Bubble urine. In most cases, bubble urine usually indicates there are protein in urine.

3. Extreme fatigue. Because anemia is one of the complications of nephritis, and anemia can easily cause fatigue.

4. Besides, high blood pressure, hematuresis also are the symptoms of nephritis.

Now, the causes and symptoms of nephritis have been listed, if you have one or more of the above symptoms, you need to go to hospital to do a overall inspection. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an innovate therapy to treat nephritis, and has gotten obvious curative effect. If you are troubled by nephritis, you are welcomed to contact our online doctors to get help, or you also can email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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