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A Balloon Makes a Girl with NS Smile

Nephrotic SyndromeThree years ago, Adelaide, a little and pretty girl from England, was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. She had been treated by all of the possible treatments in the local hospital, but the disease still relapsed so frequently. What is worse, the kidney function kept decreasing. The doctor told her mother dialysis would be in the near future. Her mother did not have the heart to see Adelaide experience dialysis, she is only 10 years of age. So her mother took her to China for treatment.

My name is Zhang Na, Adelaide’s private nurse. When I saw this little girl first time, I liked her very much. I also have a little sister who is 10 years of age in my family, and I love her very much. I told myself I must treat Adelaide as my little sister and I would be here fighting against with her.

One day, I took Adelaide to a park to play. I could read from her eyes that she liked the hydrogen balloons holden in other children’s hand very much. So I bought one with Mickey Mouse design for her, which made her very happy. However, the balloon flew into the air inadvertently, Adelaide was so disappointed about this.

I did not want to Adelaide feel so disappointed. It is really bad to her. I brought her to hospital and I promised her to get her a new one soon. But I walked around the park and still could not find the vendor. I went to the near supermarket, but there was no such balloon. Suddenly, a place came into my mind. I called a taxi and went there immediately. Fortunately, I bought one there. Although it took me much time, it was worth when I saw the little girl smile so happily.

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